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About AWTY

Working for yourself is hard. Being a parent is hard. Doing both at the same time can be really hard. The struggle is real. Here I will share the ups, downs and shortcuts in the hope that they will entertain, support and maybe even inspire others on the same bumpy road. ‘Are We There Yet’ looks at the duality of keeping afloat in motherhood and in business; the challenges, how we manage and overcome them and how we stay motivated to keep on, keepin’ on…

About Me

I earn a living at BrandWagon.ie – a digital storytelling agency based in Cork, Ireland.  Most afternoons I’m a stay-at-home mother (+ PA + taxi-driver + referee) to Alex and Nolan. Trying to get through motherhood with the help of caffeine, google and a glue gun. Always trying to satisfy that unquenchable creative thirst whilst avoiding anything to do with numbers. Terrified of ordinary. Spent most of my twenties in America and most of my thirties figuring out how to get kids to sleep. The rest I’m figuring out as I go. I’m no expert – just sharing the things that resonate with me and trying to keep myself entertained and somewhat sane in the process. As much as I love motherhood, I also am very career driven and love anything to do with business. I’m particularly interested in female entrepreneurship.

Letting the career take the boot while the kids took to the booster seats has been challenging to say the least but it has opened up a whole new bag of mixed emotions around work-life balance, self-worth and designing a career that allows for both. It has also made me wonder if any of these lessons can be passed on to the next generation since we are technically raising the future?